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How Old is My Phone? 5 Ways to Check

How Old is My Phone

When considering purchasing a used phone or replacing your current one, determining its age is essential. Typically, phone manufacturers don’t include the age information in the phone’s settings. 

However, you can easily find out how old your phone is with a little effort.

This article will guide you through various methods to determine the age of your phone. One effective way is by examining the packaging box or the phone’s serial number. By reading further, you’ll learn different strategies to answer the question: “How old is my phone?”

How old is my phone? Five ways to check

If you are wondering, “How long have I had this phone?” here are the following five ways to check your phone’s age:

1: Check your phone’s box

If you have retained the original box in which your phone was packaged, this can be a valuable resource for determining your phone’s manufacturing date. 

A white sticker on the box’s backside typically has various symbols and numbers. Among these details, you can locate the date of manufacture.

To ensure this box belongs to your phone, verify if the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number listed on the box corresponds with the one in your device’s settings menu.

2: Check the settings of your phone

To find out the manufacturing date of your phone, you can delve into the settings. Navigate to ‘About Phone’ on an Android device or ‘About’ on an iPhone. 

Look for the serial number, which holds the key to identifying the year and month your device was manufactured. 

Remember that the serial number format can vary depending on the phone’s manufacturer, so you might need to consult online resources if the following methods are different from the serial number.

For Samsung Phones:

  • To determine the age of a Samsung phone, focus on the fourth character in its serial number. 
  • This character represents the year of manufacture (e.g., ‘M’ for 2019, ‘N’ for 2020). 
  • The fifth character indicates the month (e.g., ‘4’ for April). 
  • Combining these two lets you pinpoint when your Samsung phone was made. For example, ‘M4’ signifies April 2019.

For iPhones:

  • The process for iPhones is slightly different. 
  • First, identify your iPhone model (e.g., iPhone 11). 
  • Then, in the serial code, the fourth character reveals the year or half-year of manufacture (‘C’ for January to June, ‘D’ for July to December). 
  • The fifth character indicates the manufacturing week. For instance, if the fourth and fifth characters are ‘CJ,’ this could mean the phone was made in either 2010 or 2020. 
  • For example, the iPhone 13 was released in 2021, and you can deduce the phone was manufactured in 2022. The ‘J’ denotes the second week of April.

3: Use an app

Developers have created apps that can analyze your phone’s data or utilize its IMEI number to search online databases, providing precise information about your phone’s manufacturing date. 

Often, these applications are designed for specific manufacturers, as they are typically developed in collaboration with them. All you need to do is download and install the app, and you’ll be able to access this information efficiently.

4: Check the manufacturing codes of your phone

If you haven’t been able to determine the age of your phone through the box, settings, or an app, another option is to try using manufacturer-specific codes. These codes often vary between manufacturers and can be unique to specific models. Therefore, it’s challenging to provide a one-size-fits-all solution.

For some devices, entering “#197328640#” or “##197328640##” into the phone’s dialer (omit the quotation marks) might work. This sequence can open a service menu. From there, navigate to Menu Version Information > Hardware Versions > Read Manufacturing Date to find the manufacturing date.

However, if this method doesn’t work for your phone, you must search online for the unique manufacturer code applicable to your specific model. For example, some phones reveal their manufacturing date by dialing “*#0000#”. This approach can help you figure out how long you’ve had your phone.

5: Take help from Google

Turn to Google for Assistance! By searching for your phone’s serial number or specific model on Google, you might uncover helpful details that can help pinpoint the exact manufacturing date of your device.

If this approach doesn’t yield the desired results, you can still get a rough estimate of your phone’s age by determining its release date. 

The actual manufacturing date of your phone could be slightly earlier or considerably later than its release date. However, this method gives you a general idea of your phone’s maximum age. For instance, if the model was released a year ago, your phone could be one year old.

Importance of knowing your phone’s age

While the release dates of smartphones are well-known, the actual manufacturing date of your phone might be much later. 

Understanding the age of your phone is essential for several reasons:

  • It provides insights into the security level of your device. Older phones often have weaker security compared to newer ones.
  • The age of your phone influences its resale value. Generally, the more recent the phone, the higher the price it can command on the resale market.
  • Performance can be significantly impacted by age. Older phones usually operate more slowly and are more prone to physical degradation.
  • The efficiency of your phone’s battery decreases over time, affecting its lifespan.


In conclusion, determining the age of your phone is a valuable step that can offer insights into its security, performance, resale value, and battery life. While manufacturers don’t typically disclose this information in the phone settings, you can use various methods to find out. 

These include checking the packaging box for manufacturing dates, decoding the serial number in the phone settings, using specific manufacturer applications, or employing manufacturer-specific dialer codes. 

Additionally, a simple Google search can also be a helpful tool. Understanding your phone’s age is not just about knowing a number—it’s about comprehensively assessing its current state and potential longevity. Whether you plan to keep using it, sell it, or replace it is crucial.

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