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Are you looking for a hassle-free way to sell your smartphones and tablets?

We cater to corporations, charities, enterprises, and schools to sell their devices. We care about your data privacy. We have it all in control. Our dedicated team members follow a secure process to recycle your corporate devices. We wipe out all the data and double-check every remaining data before starting the recycling process. Trade in your old business tech for cash, responsibly and securely. Our team will provide further details on sending your items and receiving a free quote. Turning your unused business devices into money is so convenient now! Expect consistent updates and transparent communication, keeping you informed at every step.

RelifeTech Services For Your Business Needs

Asset Purchasing & Rebates

Through RelifeTech Recycling salutations, we make sure that your organisation can maximise the return on investment from unwanted devices.

Diagnostic & Reports

RelifeTech provides fast certified complete checks and device information reports for buyers and sellers of used phones, tablets & smart watches.

Secure Data Destruction

RelifeTech provide secure data erasure solutions, our data destruction method meets or exceed the highest security standards.

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